Hi there and welcome from the family of travel frogs. We love seeing the world with our own eyes, not on a TV screen and when we are not on the go, we plan what to visit next. Even the story of our family started on a trip.

Having traveled a lot with a baby, especially to more distant destinations, we decided to start this blog to share our experience, tips, life hacks and just beautiful pictures and fun stories. We want to show that traveling with small children is possible, fun and you don’t have to stop seeing the world even if you are overwhelmed enough with being new parents.

Having lived abroad for the past 6 years, we would also like to share our experience, tips and tricks, bumps and successes about raising a child in a multilingual environment, where your home language is different from the community languages, and how an expats’ life looks like. Maybe we’ll inspire some of you, maybe entertain, hopefully both.

So far we’ve been to European countries, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand,  lived in Poland, currently living in the Netherlands, originally we are from Ukraine. We have plenty to tell you about all these countries.

Of course, new impressions are the strongest and we tend to write about them first, but when we have time/ nostalgia/ reminiscent moments, we will add some insights about the countries we know best, but if you ask our opinion or advice, it will be easier to pick the topic which is interesting for you.

You’re welcome to like, follow and subscribe not to miss new bits of information we share with you. Stay tuned! 😉

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  1. Я искренне восхищаюсь вашими путешествиями! Путешествовать с маленьким ребенком да еще и в такие далекие страны это просто героизм. С нетерпением жду новых пуликаций 😉

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