Passing your Inburgering

Inburgering (integration) diploma is needed for some nationals to have the right to live and work in the Netherlands, to obtain a permanent residence permit, to apply for a Dutch passport. There are exceptions and exemptions, in order to check whether you are inburgeringsplichtig, consult Mijn Inburgering. Continue reading “Passing your Inburgering”

How to Learn Dutch for (almost) Free

When moving to the Netherlands, we didn’t know any Dutch. In less than 3 years, we reached the level enough to pass the Inburgering exam (read the tips here), understand the incoming post without referring to a dictionary and have basic conversations (which is especially useful when talking to kids at playgrounds or communicating with schools and the authorities). 

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One Day Getaway to Dortmund Christmas Market

For busy people, one-day getaways can be a nice option if there’s no time for thorough planning and travelling itself.

This year we had neither time nor energy for planning Christmas holidays away. But our feet got too itchy after a long period of no travelling, and we decided to undertake a short unplanned trip to a nice Christmas market.

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Голландские Праздники и Мы

Зимняя пора – время праздников и приятных воспоминаний детства для большинства, время беготни за подарками и стремлений завершить все дела до нового года. Живя за границей, к этим хлопотам прибавляется ещё одна дилемма – что и когда праздновать, если (а в большинстве случаев это именно так) традиции праздников не совпадают.

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First Travel Overseas with Baby – Our 6 Weeks through Canada

Canada, a country of big cars, big buildings, big distances. We came here for a big vacation of 6 weeks with our little one-year-old daughter. For us, it’s a country of our first intercontinental travel, first travel experience outside Europe. Continue reading “First Travel Overseas with Baby – Our 6 Weeks through Canada”