Freebies for New Kiddies in the Netherlands

A baby is the best present you can get but it’s always fun to receive some additional gifts. Read on to know what surprises you can get in addition to your baby in the Netherlands.

Road trips one nap away from Amsterdam

Beekse Bergen – African Safari In Europe

There’s a piece of Africa in Europe, where you can not only watch the African wild animals close by, but also live next to them and literally greet them from the porch of your bungalow with European comforts. With all that and frequent playgrounds, cafes and a swimming pool, both for adults and children, it’s […]

Lifehacks and Tips Parenting

Easy Lower Waste Ideas for Families with Kids

Food leftovers, diapers/nappies, toys and clothes, crafts – all that produces tons of waste. How to reduce waste without discomfort and too much effort? Read on to find out.

Lifehacks and Tips

Simple Eco Ideas for Everybody. Save Your Planet and Money with no Effort

Where “eco” stands for both ecological and economical, as the things we’re talking about are good for both the environment and your wallet at the same time. Living sustainably doesn’t need to be hard, nor expensive. In some cases, it can even be cheaper. But it’s always good. For the planet, for your children, for […]


Things to Do in and around Haarlem Outdoors

We all have been unexpectedly trapped home, quarantined, cut from our social circles. And while we’re doing our best to fight the coronavirus pest, let’s see how we can make the best out of this time.

Central America

Whale Watching and Kids in Costa Rica

Whales are the largest, the loudest and the most magnificent animals in the world. To see a whale is a dream worth fulfilling. But can you go whale watching with kids? Read on to find out.