Books Every Parent Should Read

All things come into our possession with an instruction. Even a simple toy. More complex things go with a thick manual. But when a child arrives into our life, most people are equipped with very little information. Most new parents follow their intuition and there is no training, except for some guidance from parents’ preparation class, nurses, doctors and their own parents, relatives and friends.

Unfortunately, not always is it possible to receive qualified and competent advice in your surrounding. That’s when good books come to rescue.

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Travelling to Tenerife 7 Months Pregnant

Me, my belly and El Teide peak

My husband and I wanted to spend one more vacation together while there are still 2 of us. Having looked through different variants and considering the dates available, we decided to go to Tenerife in May 2016 – my 7th month of pregnancy. The planning was done in February, well ahead of the trip itself and when my belly was still hardly visible.

Of course, I had my concerns as to how I would feel and what I can undertake during the trip and what is better to avoid, so I browsed the internet and consulted my midwife on that topic. Continue reading “Travelling to Tenerife 7 Months Pregnant”

Things I learned being Pregnant

First of all, every pregnancy is different and unique. Some are vomiting all the time during the first trimester (or the whole pregnancy), others feel just great during all these nine months. I’ve read a blog telling the experience of running a half marathon (ca. 21 km) being 7 months pregnant and know a couple of stories when they had to stay in bed almost the whole period of pregnancy. Everybody is different and not every advice will help in your case.

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