Things I learned being Pregnant

First of all, every pregnancy is different and unique. Some feel sick all the time during the first trimester (or the whole pregnancy), others feel just great during all these nine months. I’ve read a blog telling the experience of running a half marathon (ca. 21 km) being 7 months pregnant and know a couple of stories when they had to stay in bed for almost the whole duration of pregnancy. Everybody is different and not every advice will help in your case.

Therefore, listen to your body and your doctor/midwife.

I had pains in the lower abdomen, especially the first couple of months. At the beginning of the second trimester I started feeling lower back pain after one hour of walking, then the pain moved to the pubic bone and around. I called the midwife and went to a pelvic therapist, and was told to find my balance between being active and resting. So I did. And it helped indeed.

Be as active as you can but not overdo.

This relates to the previous thought but I want to emphasize on that. Being active will keep you fit and help you prepare for the delivery. But if you go beyond your limits, it may harm your body or even the baby. Pregnancy is not the time for experimenting and breaking the records. Take it easy and enjoy.

Relax. As much as you can.

Very soon you’ll have very little time for that, so now when you’re expecting, rest and relax whenever possible, sleep, read and enjoy your peace. Knowing how to relax will also help during the delivery.


I’d never had it before pregnancy. Now I know how to deal with it: eat small portions, keep a vertical position for an hour after eating, and keep calm too – no walking/ driving/ riding a bike right after a hearty meal. If the heartburn strikes, take a glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda, it usually helps. I found camomile tea also very helpful in this case (but it shouldn’t be too hot).

Riding a bicycle is much easier than walking.

You can cover bigger distances and do groceries without the need to carry bags. Don’t do it if you feel dizzy, of course, and if you’ve never done it before. But if you feel confident, go ahead and don’t listen to overcautious relatives and friends telling you how dangerous a bike for a pregnant woman is (unless the roads in your neighborhood are dangerous by themselves). I rode a bike till the end of the 8th month and I would have done it even later but I got too much of safety advice from the upper mentioned advisers and it discouraged me after all.

Love the changes in your body

Pregnancy is the best time to relax and enjoy your growing belly, hips, and boobs. It was a surprise for me to see that my husband really loved all those changes in my body – he’d always been a fan of slim and fit forms.

Love the changes in your relationship

It is very heartwarming to see how patient and caring my husband can be. He was quite demanding before. And I love him even more for that. Pregnancy is the time when you really need support and care.

Mood changes and sensitivity

It’s getting worse during pregnancy, for sure. I was much easier getting upset and insulted, but at the same time, I was more patient about things I was tough on before.

Get ready for more attention

From parents, parents-in-law, relatives, friends, and even strangers. They will be asking you questions how far are you, how you feel, how the baby is doing, if you’re tired or not, will give you advice, will want to touch your belly and so on. Some like it, others don’t. But it’s inevitable.

Socialize as much as you can

Meet your old friends, go to parties, museums, theatres, travel, dance and enjoy life – it’s much easier now than after the baby is born. Though, frankly speaking, from the second trimester I didn’t feel like socializing too much. I gave up salsa parties, was getting intolerable to crowds and noisy places fast, and started enjoying peace and home, sweet home. Strangely, the urge to socialize came back closer to month 9, I suddenly started being bored at home and was very glad to meet friends and go out.

Best time?

Many women love the time when they are pregnant. You have more time for yourself and your family, people are generally more attentive to you. But … the more into pregnancy, the more tired you are, the less you can do and accomplish. But that’s life, we women are privileged to be the ones who bring a new life into this world. And the feeling of creation and gradual development of this new life is wonderful. Enjoy your pregnancy, it will not last forever.


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