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Traveling alone with Kids

This is the first time I’m traveling alone with 2 kids.

To make things even more complicated, it’s vacation time which means half the country is traveling. When we were flying to Malta one month ago, the airport was empty. During vacations there are a lot of people, queues are everywhere. In addition, this time I also need to pass passport control with 2 kids. 

From the moment we entered the airport to when we reached the gate, including security and passport control and 2 runs to the toilet, it took us 1,5 hr.

What helped me on the way was preparation, (self)control and staying calm and focused. Everything was packed beforehand, the documents were easy to reach, the kids were regularly fed and encouraged to go to the toilet(!).

The last one is important – my kids hate aircraft toilets, so I remind them before boarding that a long time on the plane is ahead, so better do all you need beforehand. It works.

Entertainment on board

There are no screens on a 3 hr flight, and I need my phone for myself (like, to write the post you’re reading now), so I took care of kids’ entertainment beforehand: stickers(!), books and sets for drawing were a great asset. And then they slept. Which made it possible to finish this article.

Another important thing is keeping them fed.

Have enough snacks for little ones. I didn’t take much, because I had to carry everything by myself, so I bought croissants and apple juice for the kids at the gate and ordered rice with chicken and penne with sauce on board. The snacks I took with me were: rice waffles, raisins in snack size boxes, healthy fruit candy, cookies and water. These helped me to keep the kids busy and have some rest for myself while we were waiting for and being on the plane.

I think what also really helps, not only while traveling with kids, but living with kids in general, is the state you’re in, how you feel. At the airport I was focused and calm and the kids felt it and behaved responsibly. On the contrary, when I was nervous during the preparation for the flight, the kids were also a mess. So keep calm and travel safe.

Were these tips helpful? How could you enrich this post with your experience? Feel free to comment, connect and follow.

Thanks for reading and happy travels to you.

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