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How to avoid fighting on vacation?

When emotions overwhelm and uncertainty adds to the anxiety of the trip, how can you stay calm and happy and avoid quarrelling? Read on to find out.

Plan ahead.

It will help minimize the risks and thus the stress, as well as give you more time during the vacation itself.

Plan together.

Thus you’ll avoid frustration if the surprise destination or activities were not as good as you’ve expected.

Don’t stick to the plan no matter what.

Accidents will happen – reads a book from my English class back at school. And it’s true. Don’t panic when (yes, when, not if – it will happen sooner or later) suddenly you need to change plans – the flight may be cancelled or rescheduled, or it might start raining, and then changing the route would be a wise option. We’re known to rethink our route, change the plans completely and have our flights rescheduled to outrageous times. We survived, even with the little one with us, and now we have memories and assurance that we can cope with various circumstances.


Not only the last piece of chocolate but also the duties: who carries what, who puts kids to bed etc. Remember, the vacation is for everybody.

Combine and compromise.

If you like different kinds of vacation but you want to spend this time together, there might be a conflict as to where to go and what to do. You might combine different kinds of vacation in one go or take turns: this time you go hiking and the next time relax on the beach. We’ve done both. And on our big trip to Oceania we did them all: from camping and hiking to staying at a 5-star hotel.

Better cold than hot.

If you’re cold, you can always run, pace, jump, make a fire or warm each other up. But when it’s too hot, it’s hard to do anything and it can be frustrating. The best choice of clothes – several layers which you can shed if needed, while a too warm jacket can make you miserable.

Eat, drink, sleep, rest enough.

Being uncomfortable is a sure way to a fight. How can you be nice if something bugs you? Take care of yourself and one another.

Do you have other tips to add? We’d love to see them in the comments 😉

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