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Aachen Christmas Market with Baby and Toddler

Being right at the border of Belgium and the Netherlands and the closest market to the UK, Aachen Christmas Market is popular not only among the locals but with foreign tourists too. It’s a busy place but we were not the only ones with little kids and buggies.


There were many families with kids actually, and many of them had kids walking or carried them. And for a reason – our baby also insisted on being in the arms most of the time and getting through the crowds with a buggy was difficult at times.


We didn’t go through the whole market, as our safety and sanity is more important.


Last year we went to the Dortmund Christmas Market and it was way more relaxed and therefore enjoyable.

Best time to go to a Christmas market with kids.

In our experience, it’s definitely before the sunset, as when it’s getting dark (around 16:30) the crowds become more dense and some people are already drunk.

Why go to a German Christmas market at all?

In addition to the absolutely fabulous vibe, German Christmas markets offer delicious gluehwein, or mulled wine, sausages (bratwurst), gingerbread and interesting shopping opportunities.



For the little ones Christmas markets have carrousels and kinderpunsch or hot chocolate, in addition to the numerous sweets.


Aachen is famous for its printen, or gingerbread. That’s why the main square is decorated with a huge gingerbread man towering over the crowds.

Where to change the baby at the Aachen Christmas Market?

Public toilets at the market don’t have changing facilities but we found them at Centre Charlemagne which has free toilets and the wheelchair accessible one has a changing table inside. It’s also very convenient to feed the baby there on one of the numerous benches and you can leave your things in a locker for 1 Euro.

Aachen is another destination one nap away from Amsterdam – we went out right before the baby’s nap time and returned around bed time and then carried the sleeping kids to their beds. Because of this smart timing, this trip turned out to be one of the most enjoyable we’ve had with two kids in tow.