Central America

Whale Watching and Kids in Costa Rica

Whales are the largest, the loudest and the most magnificent animals in the world. To see a whale is a dream worth fulfilling. But can you go whale watching with kids? Read on to find out.

Costa Rica is a wonderful place for whale watching – both northern and southern guys come here at different times of the year, so chances to see one double. You can spot whales 9 months in a year here!

The tour takes 3 hours, which includes snorkeling too. In Uvita there are plenty of tour operators ready to take you on a whale watching hunt. First we were thinking of finding one online but didn’t like the reviews, so almost gave up on the idea. On the way to Uvita beach (the one shaped as a whale tail) we went in to another operator which looked decent, but the boat had already left. We went on and right at the gate to the beach (there’s an entrance fee there) there was that lady who sold us the tickets to our whale watching tour. That is, mine, because the rest of the family stayed on shore.

The boat is fast and the ocean is choppy and the way is bumpy. From time to time we’re covered with salty water and it’s useless to wipe sunglasses.

But the reward is big. We’ve seen all the tricks whales are famous for: fountains, tail demonstration and even 2 great jumps! Check Instagram for the videos.

In about 40 minutes of the wave jumping we finally see the first fountain.

The boat speeds up to come closer. We watch the magnificent creature, then he goes back down under the surface and we’re waiting again. It happens a few times before we turn back to the “whale tail” beach for snorkeling.

The guide and the captain called the whale El macho and were as much excited and rejoiced to see him as the tourists, like for the first time.

Snorkeling didn’t last long and of course, was not as splendid as snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef but it felt good to immerse into the cooling water after a rough ride and I could watch some interesting marine life here too: a starfish, a big blue fish, sea urchins and lots of colorful little fish.

Is whale watching a child-friendly activity?

The operators sell this tour as “baby friendly” but I can assure you, it’s only to get more money from you! (More people-more money, right?) They don’t care about safety much. This ride is challenging for adults and it would be a torture for little ones, who even don’t really care about the whales yet. If both parents want to go whale watching, you can do it in turns, the kids will be happy to spend the time, when one parent is on the whale watching tour, at a playground with the other parent.

Pregnant women are strongly advised to avoid venturing on a boat too.

Is it your dream to see whales too?

If you have any questions about whale watching at Uvita in Costa Rica, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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