2 недели в Скалистых Горах с годовалым ребенком

Отдельной страницей нашего 6-недельного путешествия по Канаде стала поездка от Калгари до Ванкувера на машине через национальные парки в Скалистых Горах.

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2 Weeks Through Canadian Rockies with Baby

We were super excited about a promising-to-be very interesting part of our 6-weeks travel through Canada, that was a 2-weeks drive through the Rocky Mountains.

We had planned it beforehand yet we couldn’t have known that we would land amidst a thick smoke coming from our destination – apparently, we came right in the middle of a wildfire period, having been roaring there for a month already. Wildfires hit the region every year to a certain extent. That summer, due to heatwaves and little to no rain, the wildfires were especially fierce. What were we supposed to do? Cancel the whole mountain trip, with all the booked accommodations and giving up our hopes to see the beauty of the natural wonders The Rocky Mountains contain or take the risk and stick to the plan? We were mostly concerned about our safety, also taking into account the air which was far from clear.

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