Things to Do in and around Haarlem Outdoors

We all have been unexpectedly trapped home, quarantined, cut from our social circles. And while we're doing our best to fight the coronavirus pest, let's see how we can make the best out of this time. First, let's appreciate the bonding opportunity with our beloved family members and be easy on yourself and the kids. …

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Aachen Christmas Market with Baby and Toddler

Being right at the border of Belgium and the Netherlands and the closest market to the UK, Aachen Christmas Market is popular not only among the locals but with foreign tourists too. It's a busy place but we were not the only ones with little kids and buggies. There were many families with kids actually, …

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How to Enjoy Venice with Kids

When Planning a child-friendly vacation, Venice will hardly come to mind. But even this bustling with tourists city, where half of the streets are canals and the others are connected with bridges with stairs, making it hard to move around with a stroller, you can have a good vacation with little children. Read on to …

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Koblenz & Braubach with Toddler

Long weekends are for travelling - somewhere further than usual weekend getaways, but without having to spend a whole day on the road. This post is about our long weekend in a picturesque area around Koblenz, Germany, one nap away from Amsterdam. The Luxury of Choice and Getting There Having done city tourism (Belgium) not long …

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One Day Getaway to Dortmund Christmas Market

For busy people, one-day getaways can be a nice option if there's no time for thorough planning and travelling itself. This year we had neither time nor energy for planning Christmas holidays away. But our feet got too itchy after a long period of no travelling, and we decided to undertake a short unplanned trip …

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Expat’s Dilemma: Winter Holidays

Wintertime, rich with holidays, is a busy and hectic period for many. But for expats, especially those with children, it can also be confusing, if they come from a country with different traditions: in addition to the dilemma what to buy for presents and where to celebrate, there's another one - what to celebrate and when, how to accommodate all those holidays from both worlds, how to explain to the little children all these differences and at what age to start.

Do you have answers to those questions? Comment and share your experience.