How to Survive a Flight with a Small Child

Many people are afraid of flying with small children, there are even some doctors advising against it. That is understandable as travelling with a baby or toddler is definitely not easier than without, but it has its charm.

We hopped on our first airplane journey when our daughter was 9 months old and our first long haul flight was when she was 1 year old. Since then we’ve had quite number of flights, as short as one hour, where as soon as the take off is finished the plane starts going down, and as long as 12 hours with its challenges, we’ve had smooth journeys, as well as delayed flights with consecutive missing of the connecting flight and looking for an alternative.
Having read quite a number of articles and tested a few tips and invented some of our own, we came up with this short guide of simple and helpful things which can make a journey with a baby or toddler as enjoyable as possible.


Right timing

It’s best to plan the flight during the kids’ sleep time. Then you can also relax and the little one won’t be bored. With a long haul flight it also helps to better adjust to the new time and reduce the jet lag – after a terrible night on a plane you all will be happy to hit the pillow as soon as it’s offered.



However obvious it may seem, but do take more better than less. Your airline may have some or not. And planes do get delayed. You don’t want to start potty training on a plane.

Something to suck

Babies often cry during take off and landing because of the ear pain or discomfort. Give your little one the favourite thing to suck. Breastfeeding does wonders.


Baby pouches is a great invention (if your lo agrees to take them). Crackers, rice cookies, raisins, dried mango have been a hit here so far.

Toys. Our choice.

The best toys for us have been: (finger) puppets, including old socks with cat faces on them (one of the favourite toys), an old phone case with old cards, suction
toys to stick to windows. Many children like playing with stickers but not ours. Maybe too early or just not her thing. Paper/ plastic cups and other seemingly useless things are so interesting to explore by the little one.

Take a sling on board

You’ll have your hands free for the luggage before the plane and then, especially on a long haul flight, when your baby falls asleep in a sling, you’ll may be able to snooze without fear of dropping your precious one on the floor. It might work with a toddler too if they are calm enough. Ours is too active even in sleep, so unfortunately this technique doesn’t work for us anymore.

Bulk seats and bassinets

On a long haul flight you can book seats in the front row where a baby bassinet can be installed after the take off is finished. How excited we were to see those seats available for our 12 hour flight to Singapore! We bought them right away and were looking forward to trying that option. Alas, our little one had different plans and sabotaged ours completely, so after a few minutes we asked to remove it. Some airlines allow to sleep on the floor, most don’t but you can always ask.

Have realistic expectations and be prepared to unexpected

Don’t even consider to come right before the gate closure and quickly get on the plane. You never know what may pop up right in the middle of your perfect plan of getting to the plane on time: a need for a diaper change, transport delay, queues or a tantrum. Even if you are lucky enough to have no delays on the road and security and passport controls, an airport can be a fun playground in itself where your active kid can get tired enough, vent and rid of the excess energy and have a peaceful nap on the plane.

Those tips have worked for us so far and we hope they’ll work for you too. Happy travels! You can check more tips on travelling with kids here.

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